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Health news and features

  • Thursday 21 May 2015

    Take control of your snacking

    It's not just breakfast, lunch and dinner that pile on the pounds, what about those in-between nibbles? Find out how to beat those snack attacks. Read On
  • Monday 18 May 2015

    Laughter yoga video tutorial

    A minute of laughing is as good for your heart as ten minutes on a rowing machine, so get giggling with our video tutorial on laughter yoga. Read On
  • Friday 15 May 2015

    Ten healthy swaps you'll hardly notice

    A few simple diet and lifestyle swaps can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing – and some of them may well surprise you. Read On
  • Friday 15 May 2015

    The new 'normal'

    With many people now considering what was once deemed overweight 'normal', diet and wellbeing blogger Judith Wills wonders whether the time has come to look at our attitude towards the country's increasing obesity. Read On
  • Thursday 14 May 2015

    Spot the subtle signs of dementia

    Being forgetful is pretty normal, and often isn't related to dementia, but developing new cravings can be, and there are other signs that may surprise you. Read On
  • Wednesday 13 May 2015

    Ten reasons to eat more eggs

    Eggs are packed with more nutrients than ever before – and can significantly boost your mental and physical health. It's time to get scrambling, boiling or poaching... Read On
  • Tuesday 12 May 2015

    Natural ways to smooth wrinkles

    Try these all-natural DIY methods to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Read On
  • Monday 11 May 2015

    The surprising benefits of fasting

    Recent headlines about some of the benefits of fasting surprise diet and wellbeing blogger Judith Wills. Read On
  • Monday 11 May 2015

    Diary of a hip replacement: week 7

    This week, Helen has her post six-week check to make sure that the hip implant has taken. Read On
  • Friday 8 May 2015

    Carbohydrates: the case for and against

    Carbohydrates are often blamed for weight gain, but is it true? We take a look at the pros and cons of carbohydrates and the role they play in your diet. Read On
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