In an emergency

If you are covered by Saga Travel Insurance, our Travel Assistance service is there to help you in an emergency and provide 24-hour worldwide support. In addition you can also receive help from the British Consulate.

How Saga Travel Insurance can help

Saga Travel Assistance provides advice and guidance on: 

  • How to replace lost or stolen passports, driving licenses, air tickets, or other travel documents
  • How to trace your luggage if it is lost or delayed
  • Why, how, where and when you should contact local embassies or consulates
  • How to transfer money from home if you need it.
In addition Saga Travel Assistance provides:
  • Advice and guidance to you and your relatives, friends or employers if you are unfortunate enough to go into hospital
  • A ‘phone home’ service if there is an emergency
  • A translation and interpretation service if you need it.

How the British Consulate can help

Consuls are there to protect the interests of their nationals whilst abroad and can:

  • Issue emergency passports
  • Contact relatives/friends to arrange help with money/tickets
  • Put you in touch with lawyers, interpreters and doctors
  • Help if you are in hospital or become a victim of crime
  • Make special arrangements in the event of a natural disaster, civil unrest or terrorism.

They cannot pay hotel, legal, medical or other bills or obtain accommodation for you.


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In an emergency