Holiday reads: Poolside page-turners

24 July 2017

Chiller thrillers, a historical adventure, a heavenly romance and a tonic for the brain, chosen by Sue Price and available to buy online from Wordery.

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Last Seen Alive by Claire Douglas

From the author of the 2016 hit Local Girl Missing comes a heart-thumping psychological mystery that ticks all the boxes for the perfect summer read. Libby and James snap up the chance to swap their flat in Bath for a house by the sea. This is no ordinary exchange however. It's much more sinister. With twists galore, it's impossible to guess the shocking ending.

Available to buy online.


The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

The healing power of music is at the heart of a tender story that follows Frank, the owner of a dilapidated shop selling everything - jazz, classical, punk - so long as it's on vinyl. While instinctively mending his customers' troubled lives with music, he's completely out of tune with his own, until enigmatic Ilse Brauchmann faints outside his window and he falls in love. Heavenly.

Available to buy online.


Best Laid Plans by Kathy Lette

What drives a middle-aged, middle-class mum to pick up a prostitute for her son? Well, Lucy's son is autistic. He's magical and marvellous, but socially withdrawn, which is why, when he's desperate to lose his virginity, Lucy finds herself arrested for kerb-crawling. From here the uproarious tale unfolds. An unsuitable girlfriend, the tattooed tough-talking pink-haired Kayleigh, arrives on the scene and Lucy's obnoxious ex-husband worms his way back into her life. Lette writes with wit and poignancy about a mother's love for a child who's different, tugging at the heartstrings then making the reader laugh out loud.

Available to buy online.


The Pinocchio Brief by Abi Silver

There's plenty of buzz around this debut courtroom thriller inspired by a true story involving controversial lie-detecting technology. A troubled teenage schoolboy is accused of murdering one of his teachers. His lawyers - old hand Judith and young whippersnapper Constance - soon discover nasty secrets about his school. But will Judith's questionable past also be revealed when new state-of-the-art lie-detection software is used on the case? The unexpected twist is a jaw-dropper.

Available to buy online.


The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley

This terrific historical adventure draws on the same world of magic and intrigue as Pulley's bestselling The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. It's 1859 and ex-East India Company smuggler Merrick Tremayne sets off for a mission colony in Peru to bring back quinine, the cure for malaria. A line of salt on the ground separates settlement from forest. Anyone crossing it is killed by something mysterious hiding in the trees. But beyond are the quinine woods and Tremayne must get to them. Brilliantly imaginative.

Available to buy online.


The Susan Effect by Peter Hoeg

Susan Svendsen has the ability to compel people to tell her their innermost secrets. Now facing a prison sentence, she's thrown a lifeline. Track down the members of a secret 1970s government think tank, discover what was written in its final report and escape all charges. Trouble is, sinister powers are determined to make sure the truth never comes out. Peter Hoeg, a founding father of Scandi Noir, makes a long-awaited return to the genre.

Available to buy online.


Non-Fiction Choice

Big Data by Brian Clegg

Big data knows what you buy, where you've been, who your friends are and what you watch. It enables unnervingly personal ads to appear on your computer and doctors to find out if red wine really is good for you. But how well do you know big data? Clegg provides an engaging insight, reflecting on its positives and negatives. A holiday workout for the brain.

Available to buy online.


Having a Flutter

As Kingfishers Catch Fire Alex Preston and Neil Gower

When adolescence arrived with a thurd - cue girls, rock bands and scorn from his peers - Alex Preston gave up birdwatching. His love of birds didn't disappear though. Instead he began spotting them in books. This is his personal anthology of birds in poetry and prose, interwoven with nuggets of memoir. It brings the feathered creatures of his childhood back to life in 21 chapters, each focusing on a different species gloriously illustrated by Neil Gower. Tipped to be a nature classic.

Available to buy online.


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