Snug Christmas slippers

Amanda Angus / 15 December 2016

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone special, don’t get cold feet – slippers can be snug and stylish, as this round up proves…

Slip on slippers

Slip on slippers are great if you’re particularly active as you bustle about the house as you can slip them on and off within moments. 

Whether you do so to run upstairs (I never run up or downstairs with slippers on, just in case), for a quick curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea, biscuit and (of course) the Saga Magazine, or to change them for sturdy outside shoes if you’re continually in and out to get logs for the fire from the outside woodstore, constantly escorting the dog into the garden, or nipping to and from the deep freeze in the garage, you won’t lose precious seconds wrestling your feet in and out. 

Within seconds of stepping back inside, your feet will be cosy and comfortable – especially if you opt for either of the below choices…

Barbour Victoria mule slippers £55
These boast a snug faux fur lining and a good rubber sole for extra support and grip, keeping you warm and safe as you potter around.

Dearfoams chalet cable knit clog slippers £26
With a cute knitted pattern, these will look alluring waiting for you by the door, conjuring up images of hygge the moment you get home. At £26, you might like to have one pair for downstairs and one for upstairs, and again, the rubber sole is sturdy and will stop you from slipping on freshly mopped floors, or tiles slick with rain brought in after the fifteenth time the dog’s asked to go out…

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Keep your ankles toasty

Slippers that reach your ankles are perfect if you miss the warmth of socks – and even though you’re probably not too worried about your appearance as you relax at home, you might enjoy the way they look if you tend to wear skirts and tights around the house.

These take a bit longer to pull on, as you have to make sure they’re on properly in order to avoid treading the backs down and making them uncomfortable, but once your feet are inside you’ll appreciate the warmth!

Bedroom Athletics Ariana Slippers £30 

These feature an attractive woollen aran knit design, topped with fluffy fur that will channel your inner yeti! These are perfect for keeping on if you like to tuck your legs under you on the settee, as the sole is soft and flexible – though not fantastic for support, and although the grip is enhanced, it doesn’t look as robust as other designs, if that’s what you look for in a slipper.

Totes Cable Knit Bootie Slippers £25
Again featuring a knitted design – obviously very in this season, with good reason – these sweet bootie slippers have a cute pompom design that would actually be very helpful in reminding you which slipper goes on which foot! You may laugh, but often with ankle slippers there isn’t much to differential between right and left at first glance, and something as simply as pom-poms attached to the outer side will save you wondering why your slippers are so uncomfortable, when yesterday they were divine…

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Pull your socks up

Of course, you might come in from a long, cold day outside and shudder at the thought of putting any kind of shoe, soft and comfortable as it may be, on your foot – in which case, you’d love a slipper-sock! 

Reminiscent of something your mother might have knitted (or you yourself might knit, if you’re so inclined), you wouldn’t wear these under boots – not only are they usually far too pretty, they’re often lined, so you’d end up with uncomfortably tight shoes and very sweaty feet (no one wants that).

Totes Lurex Sequin Sock £18
Once again featuring the ever-helpful and playful pom-pom, these  slipper socks in muted shades of pink and purple come with a white faux fur trim to stop the cold getting in. You can also handwash them too, which isn’t something you can usually do with regular slippers!

White Stuff Border Slipper Sock £22.50
These slipper-socks bridge the gap bettwen slipper and sock; they’re knitted with a toasty lining, but have a soft non-slip sole attached, giving you the best of both worlds. This time pom-poms are present all around the top, so whilst they aren’t a directional tool, they are delightfully Christmassy, like miniature snowballs that won’t melt all over the house!

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