Five coolest James Bond gadgets

Everyone loves James Bond and it’s not just the style, the sophistication, the women and the locations that we all covet but the gadgets. Now with Spectre about to hit our screens we thought we’d take a look at some of the coolest bits of tech that our favourite spy has deployed and the movies that they’ve appeared in.

1.) Gadget: Jetpack Movie: Thunderball

Imagine a world without traffic jams, commuter trains and busy bike lanes? Enter Bond’s revolutionary jet pack. This rucksack sized 

launcher helped jettison Sean Connery to cult status. And now we all want one. 

2.) Gadget: The Lotus Esprit Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me 

Roger Moore’s seventies-tastic  Lotus Esprit submarine was jaw-droppingly cool. Fast both in and out of the water and equipped with 

deadly underwater missiles, it delivered a drive almost as smooth as Roger’s cheesy one-liners. 

3.) Gadget: Wrist dart gun Movie: Moonraker 

Worn like any other wristwatch this unique and deadly timepiece could be activated by nerve impulses from Bond’s wrist to fire 

cyanide-coated darts. It’s with this very watch that Bond managed to terminated space villain, Hugo Drax. 

4.) Gadget: The Invisible Car Movie: Die Another Day 

Still in the realm of the ultra-desirable Aston Martin, is the super cool invisible version that Pierce Brosnan drives in Die Another 

Day. Q helpfully that the car has tiny little screens and cameras that make it seem invisible. Perfect for any kind of spying 


5.) Gadget: Ericsson Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies 

So your smart-phone can send Snapchats, tweet and check Facebook, but can it pick locks and act as a stun gun or a remote control for 

your luxury sedan? Time to upgrade to Bond’s high tech Ericsson. 

6.) Gadget: The Briefcase Movie: From Russia with Love 

Now this gadget from the second Bond movie set the bar high. What Q described as a ‘standard issue’ briefcase contained: 50 gold 

sovereigns, a throwing knife, a sniper rifle with infra-red sight and 20 rounds of ammunition. And if opened incorrectly, the 

container filled with tear gas will explode. 

7.) Gadget: Rolex Submariner Movie: Live and Let Die 

Bond’s magnetic watch did SO much more than undo the zippers of beautiful women’s dresses. Although that feature alone would have 

qualified it for our list. It also doubles up as a portable saw (very handy) and was able to stop high velocity bullets rather 

efficiently too. Apple has some catching up to do. 

8.) Gadget: Ring Camera Movie: A View to a Kill 
Snoop on your boss, ex or mother-in-law with a clever camera installed in your signet ring. It’s the gadget Bond used to great effect 

when he want to visit evil enemy Max Zorin, played by the legend that is Christopher Walken. 

9.) Gadget: Explosive Keychain Movie: Casino Royale 
The newer Bond movies  may not be as teach heavy compared to some of the previous ones, but there are still some pretty awesome 

gadgets. We love the explosive keychain from Casino Royale. Attach it to a nasty henchman’s belt and it will explode rather nicely. 

Simple, yet effective. 

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