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  • Friday 27 February 2015

    Eight ways to raise money for a new business

    Starting a new business can be extremely exciting, but can also be a very daunting prospect in terms of the time, effort and money needed before you can start reaping any rewards. Read On
  • Friday 27 February 2015

    A quick guide to downsizing

    Downsizing is a common trend among older homeowners. It enables you to release equity from a larger family home that’s risen in value, swapping this for something smaller, and more manageable in retirement. Read On
  • Thursday 26 February 2015

    Safeguarding your home's value while living abroad

    If you’ve decided to jet off to live abroad, you might have considered keeping your old property as a form of investment. But how do you ensure you can maintain and grow its value? Read On
  • Wednesday 25 February 2015

    Will I still get taxed when I retire?

    Even in retirement, there is still the issue of tax to reckon with, making it best to be prepared and to take steps to ensure you don’t pay any more than is due. Here we explain what you could be liable to pay after retiring. Read On
  • Tuesday 24 February 2015

    Can I transfer an ISA?

    Did you know that you can transfer your ISAs from one provider to another to ensure you get the best interest rates? Money expert Holly Thomas explains the rules and practicalities of switching your ISA to another provider. Read On
  • Tuesday 24 February 2015

    What are the different types of ISA?

    ISAs are a simple and flexible way to save. You can now spread your tax free allowance however you want to between cash ISAs and stocks and shares ISAs but what are the differences between the two types of ISA? Holly Thomas explains... Read On
  • Tuesday 24 February 2015

    The pros and cons of getting a lodger

    There are many reasons people decide to have a lodger live with them. Some are looking to boost their income, others want the company and some extra help around the home. Here are some things you need to consider before you rent a room out to a lodger... Read On
  • Monday 23 February 2015

    A simple guide to pension drawdown rule changes

    The rules governing how much money you can withdraw from your pension pot undergo a radical shake-up from April 2015. So how could the changes to what is know as 'drawdown' affect you? And what is drawdown and what, if anything, do you have to do? Read On
  • Monday 23 February 2015

    The pros and cons of live-in carers

    Live-in carers are just one of the care options available when you need a little help with everyday tasks. We look at the pros and cons of employing someone to provide support while allowing you to live independently in your own home. Read On
  • Thursday 19 February 2015

    Tax and gifting money to children

    What are the rules around gifting money? Will you or your children be taxed on the money you give them? A quick guide to the tax implications of giving away money and the impact it will have on inheritance tax. Read On
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