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  • Friday 30 January 2015

    What are the benefits of using a smaller energy supplier?

    The biggest energy suppliers have been slashing prices, but for householders seeking the best deals smaller rivals are worth considering. Read On
  • Friday 30 January 2015

    Getting the most from loyalty cards

    Most of us have one or even a stack of loyalty cards in our wallet, but which offer the best rewards for regular shoppers? Read On
  • Thursday 29 January 2015

    Boost your income by selling old mobile phones and other gadgets

    A simple way to boost your income is by selling old mobile phones and other gadgets you no longer want or need, which are sat gathering dust at the back of your cupboard. Read On
  • Thursday 29 January 2015

    What is a pension liberation scam?

    Pension liberation scams involve unscrupulous individuals and firms offering a way to release large amounts of money from your pension before you reach the age of 55. Read On
  • Thursday 29 January 2015

    Seven tips to cut your energy bills

    Gas and electricity prices are coming down after the cost of oil has plummeted – but that’s no excuse to waste energy in your home.

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  • Thursday 29 January 2015

    What are your consumer rights if a company goes bust?

    If a company you have bought or ordered goods from gets into financial difficulties or goes into administration, what are your rights? Read On
  • Thursday 29 January 2015

    What costs will I face if I give my house to my children?

    A reader asks what is the best way to sort out ownership of her house so that her late husband’s wishes are met, the transaction is fair to both her children and tax liabilities are kept to a minimum. Read On
  • Wednesday 28 January 2015

    Where can you sell unwanted possessions?

    If you are looking to sell or get rid of unwanted possessions online there are plenty of sites with large pools of users waiting to pick up a bargain.
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  • Wednesday 28 January 2015

    Getting the best deal on your energy tariff

    With energy bills set to drop as suppliers finally pass on the savings associated with falling oil prices, we take a look at the best deals on energy tariffs. Read On
  • Wednesday 28 January 2015

    Cut the cost of travelling by train

    Some hints and tips to reduce the costs of travelling by train. Read On
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