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40% of holiday makers leave insurance to the last minute

Friday 10 June 2005

Expensive holidays left unprotected as Saga research shows 4 out of 10 people delay getting travel insurance until the last minute

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As summer approaches many people are hurrying to book their holidays in search of sunshine and relaxation, however research from Saga Travel Insurance shows we are not so quick at protecting the expensive holiday plans we make with travel insurance. 40% of holidaymakers delay taking out travel insurance* until the month before their departure date which could leave them completely unprotected should their trip need to be cancelled.

Saga warns that leaving your travel insurance to the last minute could also lead to a rushed decision without careful consideration to make sure it is the most suitable policy for you. Saga Travel Insurance covers the cancellation or curtailment of holidays as a result of the following:

  • accidental bodily injury or illness (or death) either of the insured or of a relative or friend you have arranged to travel or stay with
  • jury service summons or appearance as a witness in a Court of Law during the period of the trip
  • your home becoming uninhabitable following accidental damage
  • your presence being required by the Police following burglary at your home

Saga Travel Insurance is available to people aged 50 and over. For more information call 0800 096 4556 or visit


* Figure based on claims data from Saga Travel Insurance



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