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Forget the mid-life crisis - life gets less stressful with age, says new study from Saga

Thursday 18 October 2007

  • Evidence emerging of an 'early-life' crisis as people in their 20s more likely to feel stressed and worried about the future
  • Top stress for Brits is the pressure to be financially successful

A major new study by Saga Health Insurance has exposed the typical 'mid-life' crisis as a myth, as people are much more likely to feel stressed and worried about the future in their twenties than they are when they hit their 50s.

The study was conducted to gain greater understanding of how people feel as they approach different life-stages. The results clearly show that the top worry for Brits is the pressure to be financially successful (40 per cent). This is even more apparent amongst those in their late teens and early twenties, more than two in three of whom feel this pressure most acutely (69 per cent). In contrast, just one in five of those aged 50 said they experienced the same pressure.

Saga's research also showed that the older you get, the less you tend to worry about the future – 17 per cent of the over 50s said they worried less as they got older, with 52 per cent of those under 50 stating that they worry more as they get older. This suggests that your outlook changes dramatically when you reach 50, dispelling the age-old view that the mid-life crisis hits around this age.

However, despite feeling more relaxed and under less stress than their younger counterparts, the over 50s feel a high degree of empathy for the stresses and strains facing the younger generation; 70 per cent said they thought that there was more pressure on younger people these days to reach certain 'life goals' such as buying a house or getting married than there was twenty years ago. Ironically, the age group that reported feeling the most stress, those aged 25-34, were also the least likely to feel they are under more pressure now than their parents were twenty years ago.

Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive of Saga Group Ltd, said:

"It's well documented that many of today's baby-boomers have never had it so good, particularly with their finances thanks to soaring property prices. This study clearly shows that they are also the most relaxed and dispels the view that many have a mid-life crisis when they reach their fifties – they actually worry less and are happier with their lot in life, which certainly doesn’t sound like a generation in crisis!"


Notes to Editors-

Research carried out by YouGov for Saga Health Insurance between 7 and 1 September amongst a UK representative sample of 2,231 respondents

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