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"Turn left in 100 metres" - Watch out, or you may get addicted

Monday 25 February 2008

  • Britain turning into a nation reliant on being told where to go
  • Number one reason for not owning a sat nav is because drivers don't think they need it…

Almost a third of Brits (30%) now have a satellite navigation system in their car, and once the system is in place it seems that there's no turning back.

Much like the mobile phone, when it has entered our existence it seems we can't remember life without it. More than nine out of ten (91%) sat nav owners use them as their main point of reference when going on long trips. This leaves traditional road atlases trailing, with less than two fifths of motorists (39%) still consulting them. Other more modern methods are also feeling the pinch with the Internet being used to plan trips by even fewer (38%) drivers.

In typical British style, almost half (43%) of the population still don't own a sat nav device as they don't think they need one. Over three quarters (83%) insist that their current navigation methods are perfectly adequate and a sat nav is simply not needed. Perhaps this still proves that after all, there are some drivers who simply won't be guided by anyone, let alone a computer.

The research also produced some interesting information about where owners choose to keep their sat navs. It seems that they become very protective over them with almost two thirds (59%) carrying them round in their bag when they're not in the car. Other top places to store the device are the glove compartment (21%) and one in ten (10%) puts it in the boot.

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