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Ali Crossley, chief operating officer of Saga Personal Finance comments on BP shares

Thursday 17 June 2010

  • Patriotic investors flood the market
  • Saga's share dealing service has been inundated with orders to buy BP shares.

Ali Crossley, chief operating officer of Saga Personal Finance commented: “Whether it is patriotic sentiment or a hard headed look at the long-term value of BP, Saga Share Dealing’s customers have been piling into the stock. It is our top traded share and over the last week there have been five times more people buying shares in BP than selling them. Some have rather cruelly dubbed these new to BP investors as the ‘Black Pelicans’ – but the view from this side of the pond is very much that BP is down but not out and British investors see themselves as snapping up a long term bargain.”

Buying BP or other shares via Saga Share Direct costs from as little as £9.75.

For further information contact Saga Share Direct on 0800 559 3196


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