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Appointment of commission on social care brings further delays to care funding decision

Thursday 20 May 2010

Saga welcomes the outlined proposal for dealing with the future of social care. “We particularly welcome the stated intention to give more help to carers through personal budgets and above all through increased respite care which will significantly lighten their burden.

However the appointment of a Commission will delay the urgently required decisions about the future of social care funding said Emma Soames, champion for older people and editor-at-large of Saga Magazine.

She continued “The government are already in possession of a widely researched Green Paper, the Wanless Commission report and a White Paper; its stated intention that payment should be shared between the individual and the State, sends a clear signal to the Commission. We acknowledge that this is a highly complex issue but the options have already been widely explored. We hope that a deadline for delivery will be swift to ensure security for so many older people already providing or facing a future requiring different levels of care.”


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