Press release

Commenting on the new rights and lower costs for Britain's credit card users, Ali Crossley, C.O.O at Saga Personal Finance

Monday 15 March 2010

”Finally, the Government has not just acknowledged the unfair treatment of credit card users that has been going on for years, but has actually taken action on the outrageous state of affairs. We welcome with open arms the move to whip the rest of the industry into shape, and follow Saga’s lead in treating customers fairly. The introduction of these consumer rights will undoubtedly help millions of people, which is a positive leap forward for the industry.

“Since Saga launched the Saga Platinum Card, we have never had a hierarchy of payment system that pays off the cheapest debt first, increased credit limits without being asked or sent out credit card cheques. Furthermore, while some providers have been sneakily increasing interest rates, we have actually helped our customers during the economic downturn by decreasing the rate to 11.9%, well below the industry average.”


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