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Government proposals for women's pension age rise are grossly unfair and disproportionate - millions of angry women deserve a rehink

Thursday 4 November 2010

The Government's paper outlining the proposed changes to Women's state pension age - released today - are insensitive and show lack of appreciation of the impact on women. A rethink is essential. The proposals penalise at least half a million women making them wait up to an extra 2 years for their state pension and even the Government itself admits they will not have time to prepare. We simply cannot do this to people.

Such unfairness cannot be allowed to stand and women cannot be treated so callously by the state pension system.

This is yet another example of policies made by men who fail to understand women's lives. Women have already accepted the need for their pension age to rise, but we must not do this to the same people twice!

We are calling on the Government to rethink its plans. These women have already had to accept one rise in pension age but to do this to them again, with little notice, is unacceptable. The Government must find other ways of saving the 10 billion pounds it says it will raise by this measure.




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