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"Older people cannot wait indefinitely for the National Care Service to be implemented... Make changed now!" says Emma Soames, Trustee of the Saga Respite for Carers Trust and Editor at large for Saga Magazine

Friday 12 March 2010

“The social care report from the cross party group of MPs spells out just how abysmal is the current system of care provision for the elderly with members vociferously criticising their own parties for their shocking negligence in ignoring the issue for so long and now - very late - turning it into an electoral hot potato.

How to deliver and pay for proper care was highlighted in the recent Saga Generation Manifesto as one of the biggest issues facing modern Britain, one that will have a huge influence for over 50s, a group who will be represent the majority of voters at the General Election.

We welcome some of the practical solutions put forward by the Group to help old people who need care now, while long term solutions are - or are not - worked out".

The suggested immediate measures include:

-A universal deferred payments scheme so that people are not having to use their capital to pay for care home fees following the 12 week disregard period;

-An increase in the capital threshold in the means test to protect people of modest means;

-A ‘cap’ to limit people’s liability to pay for care from their own resources before they are entitled to state support.

Emma Soames continues "How they are going to pay for care is a major worry to many increasingly vulnerable old people who are at a time in their lives that they need extra support and their finances are already stretched. They do not have the luxury of time to wait for the political process to work. They need care now.".


Full details of the Saga Generation Manifesto can be found at

Saga's response to the governments green paper 'Shaping the future of care together' can be found at

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