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Paul Green, Head of Communication for Saga comments on the RAC Foundation's calls for road signs to carry larger lettering to help older drivers avoid accidents.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

"To suggest that accidents involving older drivers could, in part, be because older drivers 'may not be able to see' the wording on road signs is not only ludicrous it's patronising.  It is commonly believed amongst industry experts that the signs themselves are not the issue for drivers, it is in fact the sheer volume of them that have started adding confusion for drivers of all ages.  We applaud and support any efforts to make our roads safer but we should concentrate on the facts. According to their own research older drivers are amongst the safest so we should target the real cause of accidents to try and raise awareness of road safety not gratuitously knock one of the safest group of drivers on our roads. Increasing the size of signs also blights the natural environment."


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