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Paul Green, Head of Communications, Saga, comments on government calls for the return of weekly bin collections across England:

Friday 18 June 2010

At last we have a politician talking rubbish - and we mean that as a compliment as it shows the new Government has listened to the peoples concerns. The Saga Generation has had enough of the ‘fortnightly filth’ and supports the demand for the Audit Commission to stop their drive for councils to conduct only bi-weekly rubbish collections.

The watchdog has been accused of being part of a "conspiracy" to kill off weekly collections, a move which is strongly opposed by the public. When this issue first arose Saga quizzed 16,520 people aged 50 and over and found that 78% of people think rubbish ought to be collected weekly.

The Saga Generation's top concern was the rancid smell caused by rubbish left outside for a fortnight (70% cited this as a concern) along with the view that leaving rubbish to rot for weeks would encourage flies and vermin (67%). The move also set up neighbour tensions, as over two thirds (69%) would expect their neighbours to dump illegally if bins aren’t collected more regularly, although only 1% of respondents said they themselves would be tempted to flytip. In addition, nearly 1 in 5 said they would burn more rubbish on a bonfire. Both issues often being the cause tension within the community and a hazard to the environment.


[Research: Saga Populus Panel 20th October 2008, 16,520 responses]



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