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Saga response to the Government consultation on phasing out the Default Retirement Age

Thursday 21 October 2010

  • 85% of over 50s in favour of staged retirement

In the week in which it was announced that everyone will have to wait longer before receiving the state pension, Saga welcomes the good news regarding the Government’s plans to scrap the Default Retirement Age (DRA).

Dr Ros Altmann, Saga’s director general commented: “We would prefer an immediate end to this discriminatory practice. If the timetable can be accelerated, that would be very helpful, but if not, it must certainly not slip.

“Many older workers would much rather continue working than be forced to retire at some arbitrary age, especially if their pensions have not worked out the way they had expected.”

Research from Saga among 14,178 people over 50 found that 85% thought that employees should, where practicable, have the right to a staged retirement.

Dr Ros Altmann continued: “We believe that the Government must encourage employers to meet the desires of many people for retirement to be a process, rather than an event – so it’s more akin to strolling down the beach, rather than falling off a cliff. In both cases you get wet feet, but the former is an infinitely preferable way of doing so!”


Notes to Editors-

The survey was conducted from 17th – 22nd December 2009 among the SAGA Populus Panel of 14,178 people.

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