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Law commissions and social care: there's only so many ways to say "there's no money for care".

Wednesday 11 May 2011

A Law Commission report that says the social care system is “out-dated and flawed” has been welcomed by over 50s lifestyle organisation Saga, but labelled as simply highlighting a mess that everybody in care already knows about. Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of over 50s lifestyle organisation Saga, said the key is better quality of care in the home not “a home” – but adds the big issue is still the cost.

“There’s only so many ways we can say ‘there’s no money for care’. Savers aren’t saving for it, families aren’t planning for it, local authorities have next to no budget for it, and Government seems blind to it.

“The number of people in their 90s will treble in the next 20 years. Care will become a huge crisis. It will hobble families, cripple the economy and embarrass the Government of the time. The report is simply highlighting a mess that everybody in care already knows about.

“Sure, heads will roll in 20 or 25 years’ time, but by then literally millions of older people, their families and carers will have been forced to endure a final few years of no quality of life.

“The answer is simple and obvious: drive good quality domiciliary care, keep hospital beds available for the sick not the elderly, incentivise saving for later years. The findings and recommendations of the Dilnot Commission on the funding of care will be a vital influence upon the outcome, and the quality of life of millions.”


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