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Re-opening of cheque abolition inquiry is priceless, says Saga

Thursday 14 April 2011

Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga, commenting on the Treasury Select Committee's decision to re-open its inquiry into the abolition of cheques, said:

"We warmly welcome the decision by the Treasury Select Committee to reopen its inquiry into the abolition of cheques. This will be very popular with older people, many of whom have written to us expressing their concerns that they will not be able to manage without cheques.

"Many of the over 50s find the convenience of writing cheques is very important to them for managing and organising their finances and keeping track of their dwindling pensions and savings income.

"Our recent survey of 13,000 over-50s found that two thirds of respondents (67%) fundamentally disagreed with the decision to withdraw cheques, and one in ten believed that they would not be able to pay some bills if cheques were withdrawn.

"The most vulnerable of older people will often have no internet access and, if they are hard of hearing, may not be able to manage using telephone services either. Therefore this decision to reopen the inquiry is a victory for common sense and the voice of older consumers."


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