Press release

Report dictating what we should drink at 65 is nothing short of ridiculous, says Saga's Emma Soames

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Saga Magazine editor-at-large Emma Soames believes that a report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists into the drinking habits of the over 65s will "absolutely infuriate" older people. 

"Eating and drinking is one of the last great pleasures for the elderly," says Emma. "Raising awareness of the issue of those small few that drink heavily is one thing, but dictating half a glass of white wine and half a glass of beer, to people who have drunk safely all their lives is nothing short of ridiculous.

"For people who live on their own, looking forward to a drink in the evening or a trip to the pub is one of their few pleasures and chances to socialise.

"There are thousands of older people who enjoy a drink, probably more than the new suggested limits, who surely cannot be described as heavy or antisocial drinkers.

"I don’t think anybody fell over and broke a hip from drinking just a couple of glasses of wine."


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