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Saga publishes guide to working life after the default retirement age (DRA) officially ends- one for employers, one for employees

Monday 11 April 2011

To download a copy of the Rethinking Retirement guide for Employees please click here.

To download a copy of the Rethinking Retirement guide for Employers please click here.

The now defunct default retirement age has for generations signalled a dead end for older people – but now the challenge is for employers and wannabe-longer-workers is tackling the new lease of life leant by the new rules.

One of the country’s biggest and most experienced over 50s lifestyle groups, Saga, has more appreciation than most about what faces both employees and employers, and has produced online guides aimed at helping both groups.

“It’s not just a moral responsibility to let people work as long as they want, it’s now also a legal responsibility – but both employers and employees may well find the first steps into the unknown to be a bit daunting – so we’ve teamed up with The Age and Employment Network and brought to bear our collective experience to do what we can to help make this an easier cultural transition,” said Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga.

“The end of the default retirement age (DRA) has arrived – and from now on, employers can no longer sack workers just for being 65. At a time when people are living longer and the country faces unprecedented economic challenges, this is only the first step towards rethinking retirement. The UK must nurture a ‘personalised retirement’ culture if the country is to cater for its ageing population,” said Dr Ros Altmann

“Many people want to work beyond retirement age, saying it keeps their mind alert and that they want to ensure continued income in later life.

“To make sure we do this to the benefit of UK workers, we need to alter our approach and mindset to retirement. This culture change means that the Government must encourage employers to make retirement a process, rather than an event.”

Saga has launched two guides outlining what employers and employees need to think about in this new workplace world.

The guides coincide with the end of the DRA, a move that Saga has warmly welcomed, knowing that many older workers would prefer to continue working than be forced to retire at an arbitrary age.

Dr Ros Altmann said: “We are delighted that the Government abolished the default retirement age. It should have been done years ago. We have been very concerned to see recent cases of employers outrageously forcing their workers in to retirement before the new regime sets in – this is a sheer disgrace.

“For both employers and employees wondering what opportunities and challenges will arise from now on, we hope our Saga Guides to Rethinking Retirement will prove very useful reading.

“We encourage any workers who have been forced to retire from their jobs to look at our guides and to consider their options. There are many alternatives for part time and flexible work open to people over 65 and we encourage people not to give up.”


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