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Small increase in carer support will save hospitals and care local authorities a fortune

Thursday 27 January 2011

Dr Ros Altmann, Director General of Saga, commenting on the Alzheimer’s Society report into dementia care, said:

“The Alzheimer’s Society report highlights the paucity of proper care at home for people with dementia and the lack of support for their family carers which forces too many out of their homes and into care homes.

"Support for carers brings benefits to carers, their loved ones and to the state. There are billions of pounds of potential savings to the public purse if people get care in 'their' home instead of in 'a' home or hospital.

"We need to revisit the attitude of institutionalisation and consider helping people to provide, or access home care.

"All three Party Manifestos committed to protect the most vulnerable in society. However, sweeping cuts to local authority budgets threaten the very people the political parties have pledged to protect. If elderly people are forced from their homes prematurely it can have particularly tragic consequences for those that need familiarity and routine to function.


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