Press release


Wednesday 8 February 2012

Communication is the secret to maintaining a long lasting relationship according to a major survey from Saga of over 10,000 people over 50. One in two people (49%) said talking to each other was the number one way of ensuring relationships are maintained, followed by laughter (14%), never going to bed on an argument (6%) and shared interests (6%).

Interestingly, just 2% claimed that romance was the key to a long lasting relationship and it is men who find it marginally more important than women, at 3% to 1% respectively. Revealing the extent of our 'sharing' nature, a mere 1% said that separate finances would enhance the length of a relationship.

Although the over 50s recently reported* that sex is more fulfilling than when they were in their 20s and 30s, and in fact almost half (42%) of sexually active Saga panellists have sex at least once a week, with a further quarter saying fortnightly, a good sex life was not considered to be the main method of maintaining a long relationship - with only 4% claiming it to be a priority. This was considered more significant for men at 6%, compared to only 2% of women.

The key to a long lasting relationship according to older generations:

1. Talking to each other
2. Laughter
3. Never going to bed on an argument
4. Shared interests and or hobbies

Emma Soames, Editor at Large of Saga Magazine said:
"If you're looking for a long lasting bond, talking to each other is the key. This does not mean that romance is dead, on the contrary, making a romantic gesture is one form of communication - the very element that appears to be the secret to ensuring a partnership will stand the true test of time."