Press release


Wednesday 6 June 2012

Following the Department of Health’s report today into the number of over 60s putting off visits to their GP, Saga urges older people to do everything they can to look after their health. This includes visiting a GP with any concerns but also keeping an ongoing check on overall health and fitness.

Saga offers a free online health club which provides over 50s with a health assessment and ongoing support from a health coach team. By asking a series of questions about health, family history, diet and nutrition, the health assessment is able to provide an accurate evaluation of the person’s lifestyle and also looks at future heart, stroke and diabetes risks. This is all completely free and we urge as many over 50s as possible to join us.

Ros Altmann, Director General of Saga said:

"Prevention is always better than cure so we'd urge people to pay attention to their health and try to improve their fitness. It’s so important to keep fit and active, but it’s also vital not to ignore niggling health problems. No one should be frightened of ‘bothering’ their GP if they have any concerns. This especially applies to older people where health problems are less likely to 'just go away'.  Catching problems early can make an enormous difference to their quality of life.

“Research amongst our customers shows that health is a key concern of today's over 60s, who are more active and lead busier lives than previous generations, so it’s worrying that they are not always seeking help with medical conditions and getting treated as soon as possible.

“GPs and the health service are there to provide care and help and to spot problems before they become severe.  We know many older people hate making a fuss, but they should not feel like 'time wasters' or 'hypochondriacs' by seeking medical help. With the UK's ageing population, it is more important than ever to catch problems early to limit longer term health issues, improve people's quality of life and also to save money to the NHS.  We are very pleased to support the Department of Health in its efforts to encourage more over 60s people to seek timely help from their GP.”