Press release


Wednesday 14 March 2012

In response to reports today by a Whitehall advisory body suggesting that more should be done to create a national strategy to support the aging car-driving population, Paul Green, head of communications at Saga comments:

In an aging society we need to ensure the needs of all road users are met.  Our experience tells us that drivers who are 50+ have around a third fewer claims than younger drivers.  Whilst it is true that people in their 70s, 80s and 90s have more accidents per mile, they drive far fewer miles and they tend to adapt their driving to the conditions.  As a result claims are more typically for low speed and manoeuvring prangs.

Whereas teenage drivers and young men have more accidents than any other age group.  Their belief in their driving ability outstrips the actualité leading to more serious accidents often at speed that result in serious damage to people and property.

The report itself, however, does have some very helpful suggestions that support making the decision about whether somebody is fit to drive more about their ability than their age, by harnessing the expertise of the medical profession in making these decisions

The ability to drive appropriately is a matter of attitude and ability, so perhaps drivers ought to be tested periodically through out ones driving life.