Press release


Tuesday 18 September 2012

Commenting on today's research that suggest middle age no longer hits in your's now at the ripe 'young' age of 55, Emma Soames, editor at large for Saga Magazine says. "It's official - middle age has moved. New research suggests that people don't claim the 'middle aged' badge until they are 55 and go on feeling in the peak of their lives until their 70s which is fabulous news, but does make all our previous assumptions about age out of date, if not entirely irrelevant.

"And it's not just us 'middle agers' that have changed the boundaries.  While historically middle age began at 36, most people now, including the young, no longer think that middle age starts until we are well into our Fifties and all felt that being middle aged is in fact a state of mind rather than an age thing -  I couldn't agree more.   This 'new middle age'  is certainly true in the case of Sir Ranulph Fiennes who is setting off at 68 on an epoch making Antarctic trek. He said that he cant afford to think of himself as old ; he literally cant afford to given his work as an explorer.

"So when does middle age end ? According to this same survey, we are middle aged until nearly 70 - which is well over the state and most other pension ages. It is clear that the concept of ageing is changing fast, which is just as well when you consider that there are now more adults over 65 than under 16."