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Thursday 28 February 2013

Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Legal Services comment on today report highlighting the ‘charge by the hour’ regime adopted by many high street legal firms is simply not in the customer’s best interest.

In a report issued today by the Legal Ombudsman, Adam Sampson said:  ‘there are legitimate reasons for there to be more complaints about divorce than other areas of law.

‘However, clearly lawyers could be doing more to reduce complaints by providing accurate cost information, providing decent service levels and by taking complaints seriously. I think this report challenges lawyers to raise their game and make the divorce process less painful for consumers."

“However, it isn’t just in family law that costs can unfairly mount up.” said Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive, Saga Legal Services.

“Losing a loved one is arguably as traumatic, if not more so, than going through a divorce, but still in the vast majority of cases legal firms set their fees for probate as a percentage of the value of an estate which means lawyers often rake-in huge fees regardless of how simple a case may be and families do not know how much they will pay.”

Saga believes that in 19 out of 20* cases families could be charged less if the price was determined on the complexity of the estate, with a fixed-fee arrangement that would avoid the risk of large unexpected legal bills at a time when you are least emotionally able to challenge them.

Roger Ramsden continued: “Most of us will need some legal advice at some point and it should not be daunting.  Saga Legal Solutions is shaking up legal services - no longer delivered at the convenience of the lawyers but instead making them focussed on the needs of the customer - with service, value and certainty of cost at its heart.”


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*According to Saga Legal Services customer data

#Please note: Saga Legal Services and online legal documents are currently only available for use in England and Wales

Saga’s fixed price Probate Service includes full professional legal service, advice and support with other aspects of the administration of an Estate.

Saga service offers fixed fees agreed in advance

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