Press release


Monday 11 February 2013

Commenting on the Government's intention to reform care funding, Saga
Homecare's director Tim Pethick said:

"Although the devil will be in the detail, Saga welcomes the certainty
that a cap provides.

Saving people from catastrophic costs of care is an important principle,
as is the fairer sharing of cost between the individual and the state.

Changing the amount  people can have before they pay all cost from
GBP23,000 to GBP123,000 will be welcomed by many in middle Britain who
have done the right thing and saved for their older age.

The disappointment comes in the delay in implementing the reforms.
Action this day is what Britain needs.

Of course, the bigger issue is that the nation needs and deserves more
and better care.

We need to move to a commitment to achieve quality of life outcomes.
Care must be about achieving a life worth living, not just existing.

Saga believes we need to start caring about carers careers.

The nation needs more carers and a more rigorous focus on quality
outcomes by regulators, care commissioners and care providers.

Care commissioners need to ensure contracts allow people to be treated
and paid properly so  the nation can attract and retain the right people
to deliver the care we would wish to receive ourselves."