Press release


Thursday 21 February 2013

Despite improvements, over 50s are more likely to be unemployed longer term than younger people.

Commenting on today’s employment figures from the ONS, Paul Green, director of communications, Saga, said:
“Unemployment for people over 50 has reduced by 8,000 people in the last quarter from 397,000 to 389,000. This is also a significant reduction from the 424,000 unemployed older people the same time a year ago.
While it is encouraging to see levels of employment improve for older generations, of those unemployed people over 50, just less than half of them (177,000 people) have been without work for 12 months or more, revealing that older workers are more likely to be unemployed longer term and find it more difficult to get a new job than younger age groups.
As people in later life are more likely to bring extensive knowledge and experience to a job, Saga encourages employers to be more open to employing older workers.”