Press release


Wednesday 16 January 2013

Tim Pethick, Chief Executive of Saga at Home comments on Jeremy Hunt's commitments to improving health and social care services in the UK

"Since his appointment as Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has made a lot of commitments to improving health and social care services in the UK and his latest calls for improved technology are laudable and deserving of wide-spread support, however we need to see practical guidance about how that will be achieved," said Tim Pethick, Chief Executive of Saga at Home.

"His latest statement calling for improved use of technology could not have come at a better time. Today we see touch-pad devices used in hospitals as well systems being developed for those being treated or cared for in their own homes to  help maintain their health and independence at home for as long as possible.

"Jeremy Hunt is undoubtedly correct - it would benefit the community to move to greater adoption of tele-health/tele-coaching and tele-care solutions; he may also be be correct that shifting commissioning responsibility to the coal face is a good idea but clearly in some quarters this will be hotly debated; ultimately, however laudable, unless he joins up the dots throughout the NHS and with those responsible for directing and commissioning care at a practical level, it is unlikely to get the full support it so richly deserves.

"For some time now, Saga has been researching the needs of customers and their families to understand how these systems might help reduce the risk of social isolation and improve the lives of those receiving care.  Both the individuals and their families have found that tele-care has given them the confidence to remain at home, when they might otherwise be unable to do so."