Press release


Friday 28 June 2013

As the Government announces the draft regulations on the eligibility criteria for paying for care, Tim Pethick, Strategy Director for Saga said this makes a mockery of the Care Cap

"Whilst the move to standardise the eligibility criteria for care is important, it is masking the big issue here - that it's making a mockery of the cap on care costs. This simply adds another level of complexity to the already widely misunderstood care cap. 

"The eligibility criteria is not only about whether you'll receive help to pay for your care, it is also the gateway to the care cap.  These regulations will mean that if you have low or moderate needs, the care costs that you do incur will not count towards the overall cap until your needs are assessed as substantial.

"From an individual point of view what this means is that with this system still gives families nothing to plan for, what level or extent your care needs will be assessed at and, more importantly, how much of your estate you will lose before your costs even start to qualify towards the cap. 

"The security net that this cap was designed to give has become a fallacy as a result of the compounded complexity of the system."