Press release

Saga comments on NHS data regarding parking and hospital food

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Graeme Sainter, head of Saga Health Insurance, comments on data released by HSIC regarding hospital meals and parking charges.

"The data released by the health and social care information centre explains why the over 50s, arguably the biggest users of the NHS, have regularly reported concerns to us about the standard of food and car parking in NHS hospitals.  70% of over 50s say that good, nutritious hospital food is important to them and 38% say they rate parking costs as important.

This year we asked 6,000 over 50s about their NHS hospital experience and 29% said they rated the food poor and 76% gave a poor rating to parking.

Conversely, 83% of those who had been treated in a private hospital rated the food good and 70% also gave the same rating for parking."