Press release


Wednesday 4 September 2013

"Today’s research from NFU mutual further reinforces the nation’s lack of understanding around both the current and the proposed changes to social care, and our collective ability to close our eyes to the train steaming down the track towards us" said Tim Pethick, Strategy Director for Saga.

"The UK’s seismic demographic shift is stretching resources to the limit. We all know we have a problem with caring for our ageing population but finding the solution is one of the greatest challenges of our generation.

"The greatest issue is the widespread belief that the ‘system will provide’ - it simply cannot. The priority is to ensure simplicity. The system needs to allow people to understand what costs they will have to meet if faced with the need for care in the future, and ensure that it is fair. To date the proposals have failed to provide either.

"Saga’s research has shown that more than 90% of more than 9,000 over 50s are confused by the proposed changes, and more worryingly, 70% thought the calculation for the care cap started as soon as a care need was identified.

"It is clear that mass confusion prevails around the eligibility and calculation of the care cap. This lack of clarity does not bode well for the country, individuals or politicians, as families realise that they will inevitably have to use the equity in their homes to fund their care costs."