Press release

Saga comments on Labour's proposals to help older job seekers

Monday 23 September 2013

Commenting on reports that Labour would restrict out of work benefits for younger people who have made few National Insurance payments and target extra benefits on unemployed people aged 50+, Tim Pethick, Director of Strategy at Saga said:

"We are pleased that the problems faced by older people who lose their jobs have been recognised.  Getting back into work is significantly tougher for older people and our research shows that long term unemployment amongst the over 50 has risen by 1.8per cent since 2010.


"The solution may lie in helping the over 50s update their skills and also relieving employers of the burden of employers national insurance when taking on those who have been unemployed for some time regardless of their age.


"Older workers have a wealth of work and life experience and should not be cast aside by employers or society."