Press release

Saga comments on figures that show age discrimination in employment still rife

Friday 21 February 2014

Paul Green comments on today’s report that suggests that the over 40s fear their careers are stalling.

"All too often older people in work are overlooked for training and development opportunities as employers misguidingly believe that they may not continue to work for them for any length of time. This is simply wrong, as people's working lives have been significantly extended over recent years. 

“However the main issue with age discrimination is those that are seeking work. Too many employers disregard skills older people can offer, which means if you lose your job in your 50s or beyond, you are going to find it much harder to find work again.  To combat this Saga continues to call on the Chancellor to use the upcoming budget to abolish Employers National Insurance when they take on someone who has been unemployed for a year or more."