Survey Results

Your views help SAGA  understand what you see as important issues for over 50s and we will communicate those concerns to  government and others. We hope you can spare 10 minutes each month to complete the survey.

If you would like to sign up to take part in the Saga Populus poll please email

The Saga Populus Panel is the largest monthly survey of over 50s opinion in the UK. A list of subjects, by month are listed below. The full results are broken down by region. If you would like copies of any of the Saga Populus Panel results please contact the Saga press office on 01303 771529.

The information contained in our survey results is intended solely for journalists and should not be used by consumers to make financial decisions.

Survey Results

Date Panel size Topics PDF
Dec 2015 9,042 Driving, financial predictions, 2016 holidays, apps, EU referendum Download
Nov 2015 10,044 Christmas, care, driving Download
Oct 2015 9,986 Energy, health, sink holes, VW scandal Download
Sep 2015 9,399 Pets, online banking and contactless cards, dress sizes, carrier bags, retirement living Download
Aug 2015 9,794 Saving for granchildren, health, travel, car parking, assisted dying, winter fuel allowance Download
Jul 2015 9,521 Landlords, motoring, share dealing, health and falls, news publications Download
Jun 2015 10,141 Driving distractions, grandlords, BBC Licence Fee, National Lottery Download
May 2015 10,991 Experiences of NHS, motoring, volunteering, politics Download
Apr 2015 9,885 Travel intentions, items lost outside the home, medical care Download
Mar 2015 10,462 Care cap,do pets keep you healthy,winter fuelpayments Download
Feb 2015 11,168 Travel plans, employment and self employment, driverless cars Download
Jan 2015 10,015 Smoking,change in holiday habits,driving costs, medication, retirement Download

Date Panel size Topics PDF
Dec 2014 7,005 Holidays, financial predictions, driving concerns, Autumn Statement, mortgages, pensioner bonds Download
Nov 2014 10,010 Christmas babysitting, pensions, IHT, hospitals, lottery, unusual funerals Download
Oct 2014 10,176 Energy costs, dental, keeping in touch on holiday, pension drawdown, West Lothian question Download
Sep 2014 9,794 Pensioner benefits, retirement plans, travel insurance, carers, car tax Download
Aug 2014 10,080 Holiday preparation, care, hospital parking, tv debates Download
Jul 2014 9,918 Top travel destinations, vinyl countdown, grandchildren at university, Noisy hospitals, politics Download
Jun 2014 9,944 Nautical knowledge, pet ownership and top ten names, travel budgets, politics Download
May 2014 10,630 Car ownership, landlords, Summer festivals, holiday and Bank Holidays Download
Apr 2014 10,657 European elections, life expectancy, pensions, second lifers, holiday preparations, gardening Download
Mar 2014 10,716 Over 50s views on airports, home ownership and important features, TV licence civil or criminal offence?  
Feb 2014 11,780 GP appointments, suitcases, UK flooding, house valuations, carrier bag charges, National Insurance Download
Jan 2014 9,685 Cash ISAs, pensions and retirement, technology upgrades, Scottish Independence and sexual relationships Download

Date Panel size Topics PDF
Dec 2013 12,365 Keeping warm in winter, organ donor registration, travel Download
Nov 2013 11,138 Neighbours, holidays, the economy, Green Levy, Christmas Download
Oct 2013 10,505 GP access, driving, breakdowns, travelling, collecting, working status Download
Sep 2013 10,045 Healthcare, family relationships, trust in professionals, reading Download
Aug 2013 11,729 Health and GP visits, retirement activities, divorce Download
Jul 2013 11,211 Pet ownership, personal health, driving distractions, bucket list, EU referendum, MP wages Download
Jun 2013 9,349 Looking after grandchildren, family values, social care cap, NHS, marriage Download
May 2013 10,253 Financial planning, retirement, travel, pensioner benefits, rocky horror show, voting Download
Apr 2013 10,350 Children and home insurance, perceptions of the NHS, Fitness, voting intentions Download
Mar 2013 8,577 Mortgage repayments, insurance and finances, motoring, elderly care costs Download
Feb 2013 8,979 Driving fears, credit cards, holiday reads, savings Download
Jan 2013 8,989 Standard of living, health insurance, Valentines, home insurance, business Download

Date Panel size Topics PDF
Dec 2012 8,402 Wills and estate planning, grandchildren, learning new skills, moving home, travel Download
Nov 2012 8,524 Pets, Christmas presents and spending, winter fuel and heating Download
Oct 2012 9,556 Well-being and cost of living, power of attorney and ease of use Download
Sep 2012 9,049 The ideal chancellor, illness, news sources, maintenance, pension policy, secure savings Download
Aug 2012 10,203 Legal issues, post-war Prime Ministers, grandchildren, savings accounts Download
Jul 2012 10,791 Well-being and cost of living, grandparents and summer holidays Download
Jun 2012 9,229 Trust in public figures, car repairs, marriage, legal services, government priorities Download
May 2012 8,659 Water use in a drought, life insurance, Queen's Jubilee, fathers, coalition policies Download
Apr 2012 10,008 Government and older citizens, standard of living and wellbeing, car ownership of electric/hybrid cars Download
Mar 2012 10,319 James Bond, April Fools, gardens, homes, savings, mansion tax, the economy, government policy Download
Feb 2012 10,862 Property ownership, employment, Cruises, ISAs, cars and pets abroad, government policy Download
Jan 2012 10,864 Health and wellbeing, Saga Quarterly Report, happiness, scottish independence, secret of a happy marriage Download

Date Panel size Topics PDF
Dec 2011 10,332 Air travel and delays, benefits, perceptions of age, housing, insurance, travel gadgets Download
Nov 2011 10,889 Weather, health, holidays, festive season, happiness, savings, retirement Download
Oct 2011 11,994 Health and wellbeing, Saga Quarterly Report, happiness, charity giving, standard of living Download
Sep 2011 10,483 Exercise, Wii fit, retirement, pensions and annuitites, driving licences, winter fuel payment Download
Aug 2011 11,376 Trust in public figures, travel plans, pet travel, UK travel, holidays Download
Jul 2011 11,642 Saga Quarterly Report, happiness, health, wealth, spending, grandchildren Download
Jun 2011 11,279 Care homes, domicilliary care, NHS, relationships, women's clothing Download
May 2011 11,289 Dental services, mobile phones/Devices, retirement, care funding, economic squeeze, crime Download
Apr 2011 11,801 Saga Quarterly report, financial behaviour, charity shops, AV voting system Download
Mar 2011 12,523 Local elections, The Royal Wedding, Retirement, Mandatory Retirement, Money and Finances, Cost of Care Download
Feb 2011 12,939 Employment, Forests, Finance, Healthcare, Social media, Perceptions of the over 50s Download
Jan 2011 13,403 Saga Quarterly report, Holidays and 1980's questions Download
Dec 2010 11,760 Financial predictions, Financial new year resolutions, Charity and Volunteering, Talking Travel, Cold Weather, Equitable Life, Funding for care Download

Date Panel size Topics PDF
Dec 2010 11,760 Financial predictions, Financial new year resolutions, Charity and Volunteering, Talking Travel, Cold Weather, Equitable Life, Funding for care Download
Nov 2010 13,412 Pensions, cheque payments, pet insurance and Christmas spend Download
Oct 2010 12,339 Lifelong dreams, DR's and GP's, Health and Wealth Download
Sep 2010 12,943 Contacting your MP, Life dreams, Adult gap years, changing the clocks, Coronation Street, Sex and STI's Download
Aug 2010 14,047 Bus passes, the NHS, Holidays, Home repairs, Money Download
Jul 2010 13,391 Outside care, Live-in care, Crime and punishment, International aid, Holidays Download
Jun 2010 13,040 Capital gains tax, Ageing, Charities Download
May 2010 13,800 General Election, The Environment/Green q's, Debt, Wine Download
Mar 2010 14,271 Bees, Pets and Chocolate, Teenagers, Clarkson-esque behaviour, "The Pinch", Motorcyclists Download
Feb 2010 15,393 Radio 2, House buying history, Long Term Care, Retirement, ISA's, Holiday homes, Climate change Download
Jan 2010 15,688 Bringing generations together, visitors at home, credit cards, topical questions Download