Director Janice Lee reports on the latest round of funding approved by the board of Trustees.
Mikoroshoni feeding programmeMikoroshoni feeding programme
  • a grand total of 36 hand sewing machines for an adult training centre in South Africa. These will be given to students who have completed a 9 month sewing course and will enable them to work from home – where they may not have electricity – and sell items through the Pennington Peoples Centre.


  • much-needed teachers accommodation for Chub Ta Trav School in Cambodia where SCT is currently funding a three year school development programme – a logical and effective way to help achieve our goal of quality education by attracting and retaining good quality teachers in a poor rural area.


  • start up funds for a community bakery and a beauty salon training programme in Manila. This is an exciting new partnership with The Philippine Community fund, helping to provide income generating opportunities for families living in appalling poverty.


  • an immune boosting feeding scheme which provides nutritional porridge for 100 vulnerable children in South African Townships and a daily mug of millet porridge for school children in Kenya – often their only meal of the day….



Make a difference

The Saga Group Ltd covers all the UK overheads and administrative costs of the Saga Charitable Trust, so that every penny donated makes a real difference to underprivileged communities in the developing world.

Tears of Hope for Namibia

The Saga Charitable Trust has supported a project in Namibia to help orphaned and abandoned children.