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Wednesday 31 August 2011

In Nepal we continue to support a range of projects throughout the country.
Educating the deaf in KathmanduEducating the deaf in Kathmandu

In Puranchaur, 12km outside the city of Pokhara, the Trust is working with the Organisation for Community, Child and Environment on a women’s empowerment programme. Literacy rates here are desperately low and the programme started with a basic literacy course, before moving on to skills training and microenterprise development. The programme will eventually provide vulnerable groups of women with much-needed opportunities to generate income.

Also near Pokhara, on the trekking trail, the Shree Bidhyoti School has been replastered and upgraded to include a water supply, playground and a retaining wall to protect it from monsoon floods. And in Chitwan, school children are flourishing with continuing support from Saga customers.

In Bhattidanda, near Dhulikhel, the Himaljyoti Community School is giving top-quality education to more than 200 children and 20% of the school fees are now being funded by a buffalo microcredit scheme. A total of 33 buffalo have now been distributed.

And in Kathmandu, the project to support elderly deaf people has been extended to Kirtipur to give wider access to sign-language training and support.

Prasat Char School


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