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Community bakery

The Saga Charitable Trust has worked with the Philippines Community Fund to set up a community bakery.

Beauty salon training

Training locals to provide income-generating skills

Beauty salon training

Participants learn new skills and develop a more positive outlook on life and hope for a better future.

The Saga Charitable Trust worked with the Philippines Community Fund (PCF) to set up a community bakery and provide beauty salon training in the Smoky Mountain area which has helped to provide waste pickers with income-generating skills and created alternative livelihood opportunities.

The Bakery was officially opened in February 2013 and continues to produce an array of sumptuous breads which are used to feed the children at the nearby PCF school as well as being sold to the local community.

It has been such a success that the bakery is now making a profit which it is using as a revolving fund. Future plans for the bakery include the production of veggie noodles from the okra donations it receives from the Food Bank Foundation and traning for the community on how to start and manage a business.

Through PCF the Trust also funded beauty salon training for 55 beneficiaries which has helped to introduce some of the waste pickers from the area to new livelihood opportunities. This training not only provided the beneficiaries with new skills but also gave them a more positive outlook on life and hope for a better future.


Make a difference

The Saga Group Ltd covers all the UK overheads and administrative costs of the Saga Charitable Trust, so that every penny donated makes a real difference to underprivileged communities in the developing world.

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