Thalawila Wella School

Talwila Werla School Talwila Werla School

Thalawila Wella School

School building

Thalawila Wella School

Books open and ready to learn

This school near Marawila, North of Colombo, caters for around 140 children from the ages of 5 to 14 years.

The Trust first became involved here in 1999, funding the installation of electricity and helping to upgrade some of the schools basic facilities. Since then, largely driven by donations from Saga guests staying at the nearby Club Palm Bay Resort, the school has received many new facilities, including additional classrooms and a fully functional computer room.


Make a difference

The Saga Group Ltd covers all the UK overheads and administrative costs of the Saga Charitable Trust, so that every penny donated makes a real difference to underprivileged communities in the developing world.

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