Top Kids Kindergarten

At the opening party The joy of running water

Top Kids Kindergarten


Top Kids Kindergarten

The joy of running water

 Near the town of Swakopmund lies Mondesa Township and beyond this, the so-called Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC), where the Top Kids Kindergarten was first established.

Founded by local mother, Magreth, Top Kids provides a safe place of learning, fun and stimulation for over 30 pre-school children. Magreth's dream had been to move her home and nursery to a plot of land that had access to water and electricity and proper sanitation and we are thrilled that her dream has finally come true.

As part of a government resettlement scheme – and with much determination and perseverance on her part - Magreth eventually secured the land. This meant the go-ahead for a new building for Top Kids, which the Trust was delighted to fund. The running water and toilets are still a novelty for the children and we hope that this nursery, in its new location, will help provide them all with a brighter future.


Make a difference

The Saga Group Ltd covers all the UK overheads and administrative costs of the Saga Charitable Trust, so that every penny donated makes a real difference to underprivileged communities in the developing world.