Care at home

Saga Homecare provides care at home for people who want to maintain their independence and stay in their own homes.

We offer a wide range of services from providing help on a daily basis with domestic tasks or personal care to live-in care, which is often a preferred alternative to moving into residential care.

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Care at home

Saga Homecare provides a wide range of care services for those who need an extra helping hand to remain in their own homes.

Live-in care - an alternative to residential care

Whether a temporary arrangement or for the longer term, a live-in carer helps provide reassurance for you and your relative. It’s a local, practical alternative to residential care for many people and an ideal solution to a short term need for others.

Live-in care is an option that some people choose because they like the reassurance of knowing ‘someone’s about’ and the feeling of companionship this brings. Live-in care isn’t the same as 24 hour care, although that level of care can be provided with more carers to cover the hours required.

How live-in care works

Understandably, many people are apprehensive about the idea of sharing their home with someone but all our carers are fully trained, experienced and sensitive to such concerns. They’ll need a separate bedroom, just like any other visitor and of course, you’ll be able to meet them face to face beforehand. Our local branch managers and advisers are on hand to answer any questions or deal with any concerns.

Some people have a live-in carer for a little while - to help them after coming home from hospital, or after a bout of illness. A live-in carer means help’s on hand when needed with bathing, dressing and personal care. But our live-in carers are there to help your relative retain their independence so staying at home is a real, practical alternative to residential care. We understand the importance of maintaining day to day independence that’s so often taken for granted; choosing menus and mealtimes, deciding when and what to watch on television, maintaining a social life with friends and family and having our own space. Thats where live-in care can be the ideal solution.

You can find out more about how we arrange live-in care here.

You can read our frequently asked questions here or if you’d like to a member of your local care team to find out more, please call
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