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Fixed Price £75 Cashback Offer

Please see below terms and conditions

Saga Car

1. To qualify for our £75 cashback reward, your Saga Car policy must be purchased within 30 days of your Saga Home policy start or renewal date.

2. This is an exclusive reward for dual Saga Home and Saga Car customers and is not available for Saga Essential policyholders.

3. If you qualify for this reward your cashback will be paid into the account details that we hold under your policy. If we do not hold any card details or if there are any complications with this a cheque for £75 will be issued.  This will be no longer than 60 days after the start of your new policy.

4. You cannot request the cashback to be paid into a different account than the one we hold under the policy details.

5. The cashback will only be approved and issued if all current policy payments are up to date.