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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? We’ve made a list of all the questions that we are asked most often, and provided helpful answers below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you are a UK resident living in the UK more than 6 months of the year, your cover is worldwide, so even if the accident happens abroad, benefit will be paid in the event of an eligible claim.

Both Premier and Premier Plus have benefits payable for fractures too, for example, your hip, collar bone or leg – so if you slip on an icy path or fall off a ladder, the cash benefit could help ease the pain.

All sporting accidents are covered. We do not pay for any deliberate or self-inflicted injury, or accidents arising from war, armed forces activity, and flying other than as a passenger in a licensed passenger aircraft.

Premier Plus pays you £25 for each day you have to stay in hospital as a result of an accident, up to a maximum of £2,500.

Premier Plus includes a cash sum of £25,000 to the beneficiaries of your estate if you die as the result of an accident. This is tax free as long as your estate is below the inheritance tax threshold. (Accidental Death Benefit is also available as a standalone policy.)

You can arrange a joint policy, and both be entitled to the full amounts of benefits shown.  By choosing a joint policy rather than two separate ones, the cost is reduced.