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Monica Porter

Monica Porter is a journalist and author. She has written five books, including Raven: My Year of Dating Dangerously and Long Lost: The Story of the Newspaper Column That Started the Reunion Industry. Her articles have been published in Saga Magazine, The Times, Sunday Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Reader's Digest and many more.

Latest Articles from Monica

Health & Wellbeing
New ways to keep your brain healthy
How to keep your brain sharp, from eating less sugar to reading more books.
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10 ways to win any argument
Follow these tips and you can soothe any situation.
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Over 60s dating tips: how to click
Monica Porter reveals her life-changing adventures as a single sexagenarian.
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8 ways to adjust to living by yourself
If you’re recently divorced find out how to embrace your new situation.
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How to become a house-sitter
Love pets? Love visiting exciting new places? Then you could be a house-sitter!
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