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Top-notch television

Advertising feature / 14 January 2022

Brand-new series provide some must-watch true crime on CBS Reality.

Donal MacIntyre’s Released  to Kill
Donal MacIntyre’s Released to Kill opens investigations into ex-prisoners who go on to commit murder

Summer can be a mixed bag. It sounds nice enough, with the promise of long days in the sun, sipping a glass of something cool and smelling the scent of wild flowers on the breeze. But in reality, summer generally consists of people arguing over a half constructed tent in the pouring rain and counting down the days till the kids go back to school.

Winter. That’s where it’s at. The nights are long, giving you the perfect excuse to draw the curtains, pop the kettle on, and watch some top-notch TV. With this in mind, the good people at CBS Reality have come up with a fantastic line-up examining different aspects of murder, criminal investigation and justice, CBS Reality (Sky 146, Virgin 148, Freeview 66 and FreeSat 135) once more confirms its status as the home of true crime.

First up is Donal MacIntyre’s Released to Kill, which continues on Wednesday, 19 January at 10pm. This series examines the increasing phenomenon of former prisoners who are released back into society – only to commit murder. A staggering one-in-five murders in the UK are committed by ex-prisoners. In this thought provoking ten-part series, journalist and criminologist Donal MacIntyre looks at cases where criminals have been released from prison and have gone on to kill – often only days after their release. Each episode tells the story of one tragic murder, examining the details of the case, but also looking at the perpetrator’s time in prison, criminal history, and motives for their unspeakable crime. Among those interviewed are lawyers, probation officers, victim-support advocates, criminal-reform groups, fellow inmates and the victims’ families. The unfolding story is told using police and news archive, CCTV footage, and through dramatic reconstruction.

Donal teams up with a criminal psychologist to delve into the facts, in search of answers as to why this troubling phenomenon is on the increase. Is it lack of rehabilitation in prison? Shorter sentences? Ineffective supervision upon release? And, perhaps most importantly of all, each episode will ask the burning question: could the murder have been prevented?

Another brand-new series on CBS Reality continuing this month is Murder: First on Scene, a look at the grim and murky world of murder through the eyes and words of the professionals who are first on the scene. Each episode begins at the end – with the judge’s gavel coming down to mark the conviction of the murderer – before a high-speed rewind back to the start of the case, with the 999 phone call. With the clock ticking, and time of the essence, the story of the murder, investigation and ultimately conviction of the guilty is told through the expert testimony of call handlers, paramedics, detectives, forensic experts, investigators, prosecutors and bereaved family members. New episodes of Murder: First on Scene begins on Tuesday, 1 March at 9pm.

There’s no better place to hunker down than CBS Reality – the home of true crime. That chill running up and down your spine is probably just the cold weather. Honest.

CBS Reality – the home of true crime

Donal MacIntyre’s Released to Kill continues at 10pm on Wednesday 19 January, and continues Wednesdays until 16 February
New episodes of Murder: First on Scene will be premiering on Tuesday 1 March at 10pm, continuing Tuesdays until 29 March 

CBS Reality is on Sky 146, Virgin 148, Freeview 66 and Freesat 135

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