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Games & Puzzles

Beat the boredom and exercise your mind with our selection of free games and puzzles to challenge and entertain you.


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Try Saga's online puzzles today for free!

Test yourself against Saga Magazine’s challenging puzzles – they keep your mind sharp and are available to play FREE any time you like. 

Our Crossword, Codeword and Sudoku puzzles are updated daily and are provided by the UK’s leading puzzle publisher, Puzzler Media.

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Every puzzle includes instructions for beginners and allows you to reveal mistakes, answer clues or just solve the whole puzzle if you don’t have time to complete it. If you prefer, you can go back to puzzles later and they will remember your progress, tell you which ones you've completed and allow you to sort them by a number of preferences.

What are you waiting for? Try our puzzles today and don't forget to share them with your friends and family.

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