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16 January 2018

Letters between strangers, sylvan magic, and life's embarrassing moments... These books will wring your heart but leave you smiling. By Rose Shepherd.

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Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson

From a Suffolk farm, among livestock, less-than-happily married Tina Hopgood writes to a danish museum curator - letters full of funny,wise perceptions - to try to make sense of herself. From his museum, among the dead stock, Kristian Larsen replies in austere English. Little by little their stories unfold like painted faces. The author is 70. This lovely novel in her debut. When's the next?

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The Overstory by Richard Powers

Here is a big, brave, ambitious novel, very long, dense but never slow. A cast of variously brilliant, blighted, benighted, believable characters come together in horror of deforestation. A solitary sweet chestnut in Idaho, a mulberry in Illinois, a banyan tree in Vietnam, are all silent protagonists. The writing in breathtaking, the message devastating. This book will fill you with wonder.

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Last Stories by William Trevor

A gentle amnesiac blissfully retouches Giotto angels as a prostitute makes off with his forgotten savings. A piano teacher turns a blind eye as her prodigy pupil steals from her. People have lonely little lunches, make bad marriages, spill wine and tears. The great Irish writer died in 2016, aged 88, his eye for human foibles undimmed. He has left us a posthumous masterclass in the art of brevity.

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Days of Wonder by Keith Stuart

Tom is a single father and the manager of a small local theatre. At five, his daughter, Hannah, was diagnosed with a heart condition. Her life is precarious, but Tom is determined to fill it with magic. Turn by turn they take up their shared story. It is funny, touching, involving, and saved from mawkishness by everyday humour, drama, and the wry, tough personality of Hannah, now 15. Magic!

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Mr Peacock's Possessions by Lydia Syson

On a deserted island off New Zealand, in the late 1800s, patriarch Mr Peacock and his family have made a life - of sorts. When a ship sails into view and six Pacific Islanders come ashore, it seems like the answer to a prayer. The vulnerable son Albert goes missing and a mystery unfolds. The Tempest meets Swiss Family Robinson.

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Cringeworth by Melissa Dahl

Ever wished the floor would swallow you up? Blushed at the memory of some faux pas? Of course you have; you're human. In a delightful romp through all manner of researches, Dahl explores the 'odd little emotion' to which each of us is prey. There is often nothing so hokey as a self-help book, and yet, by getting us to see ourselves with clarity, and to laugh at embarrassments, it surely helps.

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Mrs Pankhurst's Purple Feather by Tessa Boase

this vividly written, deeply researched, surprising book traces the origins of the RSPB to female opponents of 'murderous millinery', when fashion dictated that women sport bits of dead bird on their hats. The Suffragettes favoured ostrich plumes prepared by sweated labour. RSPB founder Etta Lemon opposed not only their choice of headgear but also suffrage itself. Fascination untold stories - a feather in the cap of this journalist author.

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Gardening Book of the Month

Revive your Garden by Nick Bailey

Dark corners overgrown with ivy, out-of-control shrubs and depressing fences are the focus of this new book by the garden designer and BBC Gardeners' World presenter. Full of practical help and clever ideas, including tips on everything from how to revive shabby decking and unloved lawns, to how to make the best of what you have. A really useful book.

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