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Get your credit report with Experian

28 October 2016

Saga has partnered with Experian to offer a free 30-day credit report to enable you to stay in control of your finances.

An excellent credit result score

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What is a credit report? 

Why should I check my credit report? 

Why Experian? 

Your free credit report 

Protect yourself against identity fraud 

Improve your credit report 

The benefits for businesses 

Your employer and your credit report 

What is a credit report?

A credit report collects information about your personal credit history, including mortgages, credit cards, mobile phone contracts and more.

Who uses it?

Lenders and other companies use this information to confirm your identity and make decisions about whether to lend you money or enter into credit agreements with you.

Do I have a credit report?

Everyone has a credit report, although some people may have very little information recorded on it because they have not taken out much credit.

Does it matter?

Yes, your credit report is important as it could affect your ability to get loans, mortgages and mobile phone contracts. Increasingly, landlords and employers are using credit reports to vet potential tenants and employees.

Take advantage of our free 30-day access to check your credit report with Experian CreditExpert

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Why should I check my credit report? 

• Your credit report is important as the information is used to make decisions about your financial future. 

• It can affect your ability to secure a mortgage, get a loan or rent a property. 

• The best way to improve your credit report is to check it regularly to correct any errors and see what could be damaging your credit score. 

• Regularly checking your credit report can also protect you against identity fraud by alerting you to any changes or potentially fraudulent activity. 

• Saga has partnered with Experian to offer you 30-days FREE access to your credit report and its CreditExpert service.

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Why Experian? 

Great customer service: With over 25 years' experience, Experian listens to its customers' needs to develop market-leading, innovative and value-added products and services.

Access to more information: Experian's extensive consumer database holds information on over 45 million people in the UK.

A trusted brand: Experian was voted the UK's most trusted credit monitoring service in a 2014 consumer survey.

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Your free credit report 

Get your FREE Experian credit report and score for...

Understanding: Unlimited access to your Experian credit report and score for 30 days

Peace of mind: Experian CreditExpert will monitor your credit report and alert you to changes and potential fraudulent activity

Personalised advice: Expert guidance on improving your credit rating

Help finding credit: Deals matched to your Experian credit score

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Protect yourself against identity fraud 

Experian CreditExpert can help to protect you against identity fraud.

• Unlimited access to your Experian credit report allows you to view all credit activity in your name so you can spot any potentially fraudulent activity.

• CreditExpert will monitor your credit report and will alert you by text or email to warn you if there is any significant change or potential fraud.

• Advice on protecting yourself against fraud and access to a 'Victims of Fraud' team. 

Get a free 30-day trial with Experian Credit Expert

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Improve your credit report 

Experian CreditExpert can help you improve your credit report with... 

• Unlimited access to your credit report, allowing you to monitor your accounts and ensure they are up-to-date. 

• A tool that flags positive or negative factors affecting your credit report, enabling you to take action to improve your credit score. 

• Contact details for your previous lenders making it easier for you get incorrect information amended.

• Expert advice and guidance to help you improve and better manage your financial situation. Experian has helped over 200,000 people increase their Experian Credit Score to ‘excellent’. 

Read more about how to check your credit report

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The benefits for businesses 

Experian can help your business by providing...

• Credit checks on your customers to help you decide what credit terms to offer and avoid bad payers.

• Credit information about your suppliers to make sure you can depend on them to deliver.

• Access to your business' credit report to understand how suppliers, clients and lenders see your company.

• Advice to help you improve your business' credit score. 

Did you know you can access your Experian business credit report on a simple pay-as-you-go basis?

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Your employer and your credit report 

Why might your employer credit check you?

• To check your identity.

• If the role involves dealing with money, they may want to ensure that you have a history of responsible financial management.

• If you are under financial strain, it may affect your performance at work. 

 Is your employer allowed to check your credit report?

• Yes, but only if they have obtained your permission first. 

 What information will they be able to see?

• Your name.

• Your date of birth.

• Your address.

• Adverse records on your credit report, such as CCJs and bankruptcies. 

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