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Dating a Leo woman

Lorna Cowan / 22 February 2016 ( 24 February 2020 )

The Leo female is a wonder to behold, but don’t steal her limelight. Find out what it’s like to date a Leo woman.

Leo female
A loud, bubbly extrovert, you’ll often hear the Leo female before you see her.

23 July – 22 August
Fire sign

Characteristics of a Leo woman

Looking for a loyal friend? Seek out a Leo. She’ll stand by her mates through thick and thin, and won’t have a bad word to say about any of them. She expects the same in return though, and if she’s let down, she can be the world’s worst sulk.

A loud, bubbly extrovert, you’ll often hear the Leo female before you see her. But she won’t stray far from her family. They are her pride and joy, and it’s important that any potential suitor fits in with their close-knit lifestyle.

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The Leo woman in love

At first glance you wouldn’t think the Leo woman is on the lookout for love, but then she’s surrounded by a large network of loving family and friends, so there’s no need for her to seek attention elsewhere. However, ultimately, she wants a meaningful – and passionate – relationship with someone who will bring out the animal inside her. Yes, she can be serious and sombre at times, but her perfect partner will encourage her to let down her magnificent mane and take a walk on the wild side.

How to date a Leo woman

Be attentive and make her feel like a million dollars. Always compliment her, remind her how special she is, and watch the Leo woman smile. At a party or gathering, show her off and introduce your ‘beautiful date’ to everyone you know. She loves the limelight.

Romantic one-off gestures will win her heart too. Slip an affectionate note into her handbag, get a copy of her favourite CD to play in the car, or buy a treat for her pet – simple acts of kindness and thoughtfulness will pay off.

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How NOT to date a Leo woman

You may have noticed that the Leo female is no wallflower. She loves being the centre of attention, and she wants a strong, assured date to be right up there with her. Don’t make the mistake of hiding in her shadow. Instead, imagine you’re on the red carpet and lead her confidently to her stage.

The Leo woman knows how to roar when she doesn’t get her way, but don’t fall into the trap and yell back. Count to 10, then speak rationally. Don’t hurt her pride.

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The perfect date

The Leo female loves the outdoors where she can roam free, and the wilder the location the better. Find somewhere remote away from the crowds, where you can enjoy each other’s company alone. Ask around for hidden haunts that only locals know, and keep your fingers crossed that the place has a romantic story attached. Pack a picnic if it’s nice, and take along a luxurious blanket to sit on - the old tartan rug from the car won’t do.

Planning an evening date? Head up to a viewpoint and watch the sun set in the distance.

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The Leo female gets along with almost everyone, but the most compatible matches are with a Gemini and Libra, who also love a bit of drama in their lives. A Leo will find a Sagittarius partner sociable and fun-loving too, but won’t be able to get them to commit to family life.

The Leo female will be too domineering for a Cancer, and too pre-occupied with their looks for the down-to-earth Taurus.

Famous Leo females: Halle Berry, Helen Mirren, J K Rowling, Gillian Taylforth, Honor Blackman


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